YouCam Makeup Online Photo Editor – Free Download


YouCam Makeup Online Photo Editor

Another excellent application YouCam Makeup online available for both Android and iOS with the single purpose of applying makeup on your face. With YouCam Makeup online you can put lipstick, eye shadow, blushings, eye liner, noting pieces, soften skin defects, remove wrinkles, thin nose and cheeks and more.

The applied makeup by YouCam Makeup Online is surprisingly beautiful and naturalistic. If you compare the before and after of the used image you will certainly be satisfied with the results. YouCam Makeup online analyzes your face and applies the makeup in the desired way.

On the main screen you can chose between taking a picture with the YouCam Makeup online camera or using a picture from the gallery of your device. Once you have a photo ready for manipulation you can find the editing tools at the bottom of the interface of YouCam Makeup online.

YouCam Makeup online settings

In the “Looks” section, pick a full makeup according to the event at which the photo was taken (Office, Party, Date, Rock Concert and other). Tap on the desired option and observe the magic. If you are satisfied with the end result just tap on the “V” button at the top of the screen, to remove the editing tap the “X” button.

In the “Skin” section you can make adjustments on your skin, such as changing the brightness intensity, repair defects and smooth the skin tone.

The “Face” section offers you well, face makeup of coruse – blush, fine tuning of the outlines of your face and nose and more.

The “Eye” section lets you apply shadow, mascara and eyeliner, in addition it lets you remove the dark circles beneath the eyes and increase the size of your eyes.

The “Mouth” lets you put on lipstick with various colors.

You can do all of these handy easy edits on your photos with YouCam Makeup Online.