Split Pic Online Photo Editor – Free Download


Split Pic Online App

Split Pic online app is a different kind of photo editing software, instead of applying a filter or something like that on the photo, it merges two photos into one. Free for iOS and available only in English but that does not matter since it is very intuitive to work with, like most of the photo editing apps.

First you chose a layout at the main screen of Split Pic online app, you can select between two and three divisions. Horizontal and Vertical formats are available. Note the bar that divides the screen of Split Pic Online App. Use your creativity and make an image in the environment and, after that position a new image at the same location to compose the rest of the final image.

The second button at the bottom of Split Pic Online App is used to merge the two images together, creating one new merged image without the bar that divides the screen.

The third button allows you to apply one of the filter that is provided by the application.

Once you are ready you can share your image on your favourite social network.

Split Pic online app can be downloaded in the App Store for devices with version 5.0 or higher of iOS.