SpeakingPhoto App Editor

Speakingphoto appSpeakingPhoto App Photo Editor

SpeakingPhoto app is a great application available for both Android and iOS and it is quite interesting. It can take photos and record audio on top of them. The idea is to make the photo “talk”, instead of just being a static content.

Speakingphoto App is available only in Portuguese and brings back well known features. After taking the photo and the audio recording with SpeakingPhoto App, the user can share the file through the various social networking sites and even send it in an email! You can also use old images stored in your gallery and add audio recordings with SpeakingPhoto App on top of them.

A feature worth noting is that you can create slideshows with your images. SpeakingPhoto app can use up to 8 photos in a timeline creating a GIF-like photo. There is a preview feature that lets you see your final product before sharing it. If you don’t like it, you can go back and edit it.

Speakingphoto app is super easy to use and has a great potential. You can make the pictures “say” anything! Send romatinc messages, make a slideshow for your work or anything else. Use your imagination, the sky is the limit.

SpeakingPhoto app had a great success in the United States and arrived in Brazil with great promises.

The audio recordings made by the SpeakingPhoto app are with very high quality, another plus.

Unfortunately SpeakingPhoto app has no filters of any kind so you can’t really edit your photos. But you can use one of the other photo editors we mentioned in our other posts to edit the image and then add audio recording on top of it.