InstaBeauty Online Photo Editor – Free Download


Instabeauty online

InstaBeauty online is a photo editing application that has only one purpose – to make your photos astonishing, beautiful, attractive and eyecatching. Once InstaBeauty online is launched click on the “Gallery” from the main menu to view all your pictures on your gallery or tap on “Camera” to take a new one.

All of the Instabeauty online available effects are stored in a panel at the bottom of the display. And on top you will find a pink bar that allows you to adjust the intensity of the filter. Sliding from right to left will provide more options at your disposal.

It is widely known that there are hundreds of image editing applications in the Google App Store (including Instabeauty online). Some of the more famous like Instagram for example, have more social focus, and it’s not just a Photo Editing app but rather a Photo Sharing Social Network. Yet even there people use all kinds of different apps (like Retrica or InstaSize for example) to “filter” their photos and make them look more flashy, attractive or classy.

InstaBeauty online does the same, it makes your pictures more beautiful, but in a much more different way. Instead of going on your PC and using Photoshop to remove any unwanted skin imperfections or something else, Instabeauty does that for you automatically.

Beautiful in a second with Instabeauty Online

In total, Instabeauty online has 14 filters and they have a lot of potential to adapt to any type of situation that your camera may catch you and make your skin look flawless in a matter of seconds. However if you need sometihng more sophisticated you can manually apply the filters with custom settings to achieve better results.

The “B” button shows the before and after of the photo in use, that is another great feature of Instabeauty online.