AfterLight Online Photo Editor – Free Download


Afterlight Online

AfterLight online is an application that is available for both Android and iOS. It lets you edit your photos and apply different frames at your photos. The app has a simple and clear interface, makingit very easy to use.

The application is ideal for anyone who wants professional portraits. The first step that you have to make is to chose a photo from the gallery or to take a new photo. After you have the image you can start editing the brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation and many more.

AfterLight Online Design and Interface

AfterLight online comes with a very clean and intuitive interface. Making it very easy and simple to use by anyone. Something to note is that Afterlight online has a huge diversity of filters, frames and other photo editing features.

As an additional feature, the Afterlight online supports sharing your art with the social networks. The application is so complete and professional that Afterlight online can replace PC editing software unless you are looking for some really high end editing. Simply flawless.

Adjusting the brightness, saturation, contrast and the other options transforms photos with defects into professional looking photos.

Something to note – Afterlight online crashes from time to time and you may lose your unsaved work.

The software isn’t available in many languages but this is not something to worry about since it is very intuitive to work with. Another downside is that Afterlight online is not free but it is worth it’s money!

FaceQ Online Animated Avatars Photo Editor – Free Download


FaceQ Online Animated avatars creator

FaceQ online is an application that is available for both Android and iOS and it is completely free. If you have ever wanted to go back to your childhood this is the application for you. Or if you are currently a child take a look at it, you would love FaceQ online. With FaceQ online you can create interesting avatars to show off on the social networks. FaceQ online creates “cartoonish” kind of avatars which enables you to express your imagination in any possible way you desire (and you know, imagination is one of the things that kids have a lot of it).

First thing you have to do is select what type of avatar you want to create – boy, girl or couples avatar (this is no kids option). After you have chosen your type of avatar on the next configuration window you can modify the face shape, hair color, hair style, decorations and much more. You can also change the colors of everything making it easier to make the avatar look like you or your friend (which means that you can also make pranks with comedy avatars of your friends).

After you have completed assigning the correct faceq shape, hair color, hair style you are able to put on accessoaries like glasses, hats and more. After you have completed your cartoon avatar you can share it directly on most of the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

FaceQ online saves your avatars for later use. If you want to view your avatar at a later time or edit it you can do that at the History section of the application.

InstaMark Online Photo Editor – Free Download



Instamark photo editor is another great application for your smartphone. It focuses on stickers. You can add various different kind of stickers to your beautiful photos and make them stand out. In addition to stickers, you can also apply various kinds of different filters, crop your photos and resize them.

Easy to use and Efficient

The interface like most other photo editors is intuitive with a step-by-step – do this first, then this, then this third, now this, and woalla you’re done. Invariant of your display screen size the interface always seems organized and easy to use.

There is enormous amount of fitlers and stickers with extroardinary quality, the application works very fast allowing you to check the different filter/sticker combinations without delays. All of its stickers and filters are categorized making it easy to navigate through them.

Custom Stickers

What is uncommon about this application is that it lets you edit the text within the stickers. It can also automatically place the name of the city you are currently in and much more.

The end product does not contain watermarks of the application and like many other photo editing applications can be instantly shared on the popular social networks – Facebook, Instagram and more. InstaMark is as a highly attractive option for people who like photo editing programs.

Camoji GIF Camera Online – Free Download

Camoji-Online-for-PC-100x100Camoji GIF Camera is a very cool application for anyone who wishes to create animated GIF image. The process is very simple and the app also lets you send messages to your friends and exchange the GIFs around the social networks.

Astonishing Interface

One of the biggest advantages of Camoji is its interface, which is optimized for image viewing without buttons. It is a motion control application. Slide your fingers, up, down, left, right and just watch. There is a quick tutorial that shows you which gestures does what but there’s nothing to worry about, the application is quite intuitive.

Easy and Fun to use

Creating GIFs with Camoji GIF Camera is simple and easy, you can also add text along with the images when you are sharing them. It should be noted that the app also includes a logo at the bottom of the image, but it is so small and negligeble, that you don’t have to worry about it.

SpeakingPhoto App Editor

Speakingphoto appSpeakingPhoto App Photo Editor

SpeakingPhoto app is a great application available for both Android and iOS and it is quite interesting. It can take photos and record audio on top of them. The idea is to make the photo “talk”, instead of just being a static content.

Speakingphoto App is available only in Portuguese and brings back well known features. After taking the photo and the audio recording with SpeakingPhoto App, the user can share the file through the various social networking sites and even send it in an email! You can also use old images stored in your gallery and add audio recordings with SpeakingPhoto App on top of them.

A feature worth noting is that you can create slideshows with your images. SpeakingPhoto app can use up to 8 photos in a timeline creating a GIF-like photo. There is a preview feature that lets you see your final product before sharing it. If you don’t like it, you can go back and edit it.

Speakingphoto app is super easy to use and has a great potential. You can make the pictures “say” anything! Send romatinc messages, make a slideshow for your work or anything else. Use your imagination, the sky is the limit.

SpeakingPhoto app had a great success in the United States and arrived in Brazil with great promises.

The audio recordings made by the SpeakingPhoto app are with very high quality, another plus.

Unfortunately SpeakingPhoto app has no filters of any kind so you can’t really edit your photos. But you can use one of the other photo editors we mentioned in our other posts to edit the image and then add audio recording on top of it.

Kanvas Online Photo Editor – Free Download

Kanvas app

Kanvas App

Kanvas app is a multi-functional application that lets you create slideshows, videos and gifs. With it’s variety of tools at your disposal you can create various collages, emoticons, textx, drawings and much more.

Kanvas app itself is a mixture of photo editor with its own social network. It allows you to edit your photos with a variety of options and a huge depth. Kanvas app is very similar to Instagram, it lets you apply filters and create much more complex gifs.

Kanvas App is a Social Network

Kanvas app is inovative since it’s not strictly an editor. Like we already mentioned it is also a social network and the users are able to submit their own filters creating a rich environment letting you to create creative and innovative content.

One of the cool features if this application is that it lets you search directly on Google, Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram for photos so that you can get hands on the most attractive and high quality images and get down to business.

Kanvas App – QuickEdit lets you do miracles

Having additional options like being able to insert emoticons, text, frames and even sounds makes the application very interesting and attractive, giving you the ability to produce unique content!.

Kanvas app comes with a belt of easy-to-use tools, many options to spark your creativity and the social networking, thus letting you submit all your photos anywhere you want. It is a great way to quickly compose an image to express your feelings and ideas.

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